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Today's fresh ingredients

Organically grown &
fresh from our kitchen!


Primal Cravings mission is to prepare and deliver fresh, healthy food to Southern California and beyond.


For Ultimate Convenience, this plan is for those looking for an Entire Day of healthy Paleo meals.

Starting @ $145 / Week Delivered!

Fire Breather

Great for Athletes and those with a Bigger Appetite, and includes More Protein in each meal.

Starting @ $160 / Week Delivered!

Family Dinner

Dinner delivered to your door for the whole family!! Healthy, wholesome and ready to deliver!

Starting @ $140 / Week Delivered!

Fresh, Healthy Food. Convenient Delivery. Affordable Prices.

Healthy eating sometimes seems like an unrealistic goal in our fast-paced society. It’s tough to find time shop for, prepare, and cook healthy meals. But we all want to have better eating habits (and more energy!), right?

That’s why we’ve created Primal Cravings—to help you eat better food every day at an incredibly affordable price. We make your life a little bit easier and a whole lot healthier.

Primal Cravings is a Paleo meal delivery company serving Southern California.

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